Senseabilities Logo and contact information
SenseAbilities Logo and contact information

Therapy Services

SenseAbilities offers the wide range of therapy services described below. Services are offered in person as well as virtual therapy (teletherapy).  If you or your loved one present deficits or difficulties not listed, please contact us to discuss them further. 

Speech & Language Therapy

– Articulation Disorders
– Language Disorders
– Oral-Motor Difficulties
– Resonance/Voice Disorders
– Stuttering Disorders
– Social skill impairments
—-More info on Social Groups See More
– Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
(a.k.a., tongue thrust remediation
program, thumb-sucking elimination
program, and more)” See More

Occupational Therapy

– Self Care
– Gross and Fine Motor Delays
– Developmental Delays
– Coordination & Balance Problems
– Attention & Concentration Problems
– Feeding therapy
– Sensory integration therapy


Also known as therapeutic horseback riding.  Please visit our non-profit Trax Equestrian Center to inquire about hippotherapy as an option for your child.

Educational Services

Review and present IEPs
– Collaborate on goal development
– Recommend service time
– Completing IEPs and IEEs (independent educational evaluation)
– Providing staff and student training on device use
– Ongoing service follow up

School Observation

– Direct observation in school setting​
– Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
– Develop techniques to communicate​
– Assist with program modification​
– Provide resources for school staff​

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